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The COM World Show 2021

Every year COM-UK (The federation of the IOA & NCA who runs the team for the World Show) would, by now, be busy promoting the next World Show organised by the CONFEDERATION ORNITHOLOGIQUE MONDIALE (C.O.M.) and organising the show team to be taken to the show. Unfortunately this will not happen for 2021.

Initially the show was going to be held in January 2021 in Valencia and organised by COM-Spain. However, the organisation has pulled out because of the effect of Covid-19 in Spain and will be organising the show in 2022 instead. COM-Portugal, with COM agreement, decided to stage the show instead and it will be held in Santarém, which is north of Lisbon. The show will open to the public from 22nd to 24th January 2021 and the airport to fly to will be Lisbon.

COM-Portugal has guaranteed that all Covid-19 precautions and rules will be implemented but a final decision about staging the show or not will be considered on 15th December 2020, after the closing date for entries.

The COM-UK committee has discussed by email the possibility of participation but agreed unanimously not to participate. This was because of the Covid-19 restrictions on travel and possibility of quarantine on return. The vulnerable age group of most members of COM-UK management committee was another factor as well as the fact that the UK will be out of the EU by the end of this year and DEFRA have still not finalised all the regulations about taking birds out of the country and then return with them. In addition, our current conveyor was unable to take the 2-weeks’ time off work to make the journey and be at the show. All these factors plus the uncertainties have made the management committee decide not to participate in the 2021 World Show but look forward to participating in Spain in the 2022 show when hopefully, all those uncertainties will have been resolved.

COM-UK wish the Portuguese federation every success in organising the World Show with our apologies for not participating. More details can be found on COM-UK website www.comuk.co.uk

Ghalib Al-Nasser
COM-UK Secretary & Publicity Officer